Trekking Top to Bottom – Colca Canyon, Peru


Pretty much the deepest canyon on earth, Colca Canyon in Peru is impossibly huge, scorchingly hot and unbelievably beautiful. We spent 3 very sizeable, ungui…
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  1. This is my favourite of this years releases thus far! I still can’t believe
    how well the 3100 shoots!

  2. Great video, thanks. I’m heading there in August. It’ll be my first trip
    outside of North America, can’t wait.

  3. Brings back memories. I did a three day trek in 1999, still recognise many
    of the sights, but one thing is striking, back then virtually everything
    was still abandoned after the civil conflict if the 80’s & 90’s & those who
    were left were unusually timid for Peruvian mountain folk. Good to see
    things have improved for those who live in the canyon, truly a magnificent
    if not harsh place.

  4. Hey Guys! Going to Peru next month and Colca Canyon is on my list. Some
    questions for you…
    1) How did you manage to trek by yourself?
    2) I tried to find the Malata Hostel but its neither on Hostel World nor
    3) Is it safe to do that by yourself?

    Thank you so much!?