Peru Colca Canyon tour plus Mallkini visit


This stunning tour takes you to the Colca Canyon, the worlds deepest. Leaving Arequipa you will drive to nearly 5000 masl before decending down to the head o…

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  1. Yeah nice video, but they shouldn’t scam the tourist saying Colca is the
    deepest in the world. Cotahuasi and Colca are the deepest in America, but
    Yarlung Tsanpo and Cali Gandaki are the deepest in the world.

  2. mallkini se encuentra a 7 Km del distrito de Muñani, Provincia de Azangaro,
    Departamento de Puno. Esta a 3 horas de puno por camioneta. es un refugio
    para descansar y centro de crianza de alpaca mejorada. en el se encuentra
    un hotel muy comodo y acogedor y la comida es simplemente exquisita. Venga
    y compruebelo. Pero lo espera. puede tambien visitar la pagina web del
    fundo Mallkini, alpaca ranch and adventure.

  3. This was great so thanks – I did the Colca tour a month ago and this
    captured the atmosphere.We even had the same guide.

  4. Great video! I did the Colca Tour a few years ago with my daughters, It was
    an amazing experience. Got sick and had a lot of Coca Tea, lol. (made with
    coca leafs by the way), The fly of the Condors was very impressive. Thanks
    for posting

  5. Not at all, not at all. Lucky you that’s been there, I only know Ica and
    parts of Lima, haven’t been there since 1984, only travel accross the US
    and parts of Canada. ( shame on me for being peruvian )But some day I’ll go.

  6. Basta con hacer el recorrido desde el Google Earth para darse cuenta de lo
    impresionante que ha de ser.. just with seeit on the Gooble Earht you
    realiced it is amazing

  7. Thanks for an excellent video. Went to Peru this year and still in awe of
    this amazing country and people

  8. Don’t worry – if you’re on triple word score, you’re getting an extra 24
    points, by my math – then again, I’ll probably be corrected on that, too.

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  10. I agree its Arequipa, I do not fully understand your comment? Have I
    mispelt it somewhere? More importantly did you like the video?

  11. Aqui en este video estan mis buenos amigos, moises Jr, Cornelio y Moises
    Asparrin, administrador del fundo Mallkini, explicando la conformacion de
    la alpaca macho y su denticion. Un gran abrazo para todos ellos.

  12. got ya in the opening title, well spotted but I am sure you will not hold
    that against me after showing how beautiful it is and only wishing to
    promote Peru and its people.

  13. I was in Colca Valley in April 2010 doing a medical trip and was able to
    see most of the valley and Colca Canyon. It is by far, one of the loveliest
    places on earth. Thanks for the video!

  14. Hmmmm. I dunno. I think the important part is that it’s one of the best
    collections of Arequipa material on YT (which, by the way, is free…hence
    the lack of an editor. Still, I’m using this as a partial reference work
    for a collection of Peruvian Children’s Stories set in Arequipa and Cusco.
    This watch was well worth it.

  15. Gracias Peruman por publicar este hermoso video.This can be seen all around
    the world.