Hiking through Colca Canyon, Peru


A four day hike through the second deepest canyon in the world. Views of waterfalls, hot springs and condors set to music.
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  1. recientes estudios descubrieron que el colca es mas profundo que el de
    cotahuasi, en un lugar al frente del pueblo de huambo colca llega a ser 100
    metros mas profundo que cotahuasi

  2. PHENOMENAL VIDEO!!! 5 out of 5*’s!!! Did you check out the Nazca Lines
    while in Peru? Show us another video, lukyslot!! I did a video of the
    biggest waterfall in San Diego, CA on the wettest winter in over 60 years,
    I was fortunate to capture it two years ago during that historical rain
    season! Not many locals know of it amazingly. goto: “Hike to Cedar Creek

  3. The South American Condor can fly over fifty miles just gliding on thermals
    not flapping a wing once. Incredible I know this because I enjoy flying
    radio controlled sailplanes off the cliffs at the beach when not surfing.