D – Canon Del Colca lyric !!!!!!!!!!


This is beautiful song from band D, Asagi!!! My best song!!!


  1. I like this Song , I’ve searched for it for eternity, but ist good that
    someone posted this song fdor thoose who want to download this cool song

  2. This song is really amazing. Asagi voice is great and beautiful. Thanks for
    this song:)

  3. Cool! I noticed that on you tube no items with this song so I decided to
    post for those who love this song! I am glad it is you’re now able to find!

  4. @SakiTenshiNoSenshi Nice upload. I used to have it uploaded on my account
    SinfulPWN, but my Youtube was disabled for uploading copyright material
    (music videos etc.) Thanks for re-uploading!

  5. love this song ? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww at the beginning the charango makes this
    song so sweet ?

  6. I love singing to the “whoooooaaaaaaaa!” parts in this! In a way, it kinda
    helps relieve me of some stress. 🙂

  7. Do you perhaps know from what music video, or photo shoot or whatever the
    photo is from you are using for the video?