Arequipa to Puno in Peru by train


By train from Arequipa to Puno in Peru, ascending the Andes. A trip through magnificent scenery with lakes and mountains. Part of a trip organised through Ff…
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  1. juliaca- puno , no es de peru ni d e bolivia es es todos ,gente de trabajo
    100% aymaras son pura fuerza!!!!!

  2. Thans again for more beautiful peruvian sceneries, This, I could already
    travel some years ago. Unfortunately now, no more passanger trains here.
    Regrds John Marks Lisbon/Portugal 08/05/10

  3. thanks for sharing this,,, brings back so many memories,, ya
    unfortunately,, no more passenger trains .. i miss it.

  4. puede ser que sea trabajadora, pero hay que mencionar que son bien pero
    bien sucios! basura por todos ladossss !es lo que pude observar en puno y
    juliaca ! saludos

  5. because if you come when we must treat them well, but when we go to their
    countries treat us so badly worse than some dogs

  6. @vegeta1186 puno es territorio peruano le duela a quien le duela 100%lengua
    aymara gente trabajadora y muy unida orgullo de ser peruano

  7. arequipa – cuzo by bus nooo mann you must to go by train es beatiful,
    confortable fast and more sheap…